Analysis of the selection and purchase criteria of wheelchairs

Summary:Appearance: Because the  Aluminum manual wheelchair  accompanies the user most of the time, not only women, the color of the seat and backrest, and...
Appearance: Because the  Aluminum manual wheelchair  accompanies the user most of the time, not only women, the color of the seat and backrest, and the view of the tire will affect the feelings of the passengers. Therefore, there must be a certain need for the appearance to avoid aggravating the disability. mental stress. But don't just pay attention to the appearance and ignore the function. In addition, the noise of the wheelchair should be low.
Comfort: Because users spend most of their lives in wheelchairs, the comfort of riding is very important. The standards for seats, backrests, armrests, footrests, etc. should be suitable, and various cushions should be equipped when needed. People with hip contractures also need to consider the perspective of the backrest and seat.
Weight, size and foldability: The wheelchair should be vigorous and concise. Wheelchairs promoted by the supporter should put health and safety in the first place; wheelchairs operated by the rider alone should put simplicity in the first place. Although the weight of the electric wheelchair is large, it does not require the occupant to operate it, and it can still be used if necessary. If you need to transfer the wheelchair to the car, a folding wheelchair should also be used.
Safety: the use of standard wheelchairs most often causes forward overturns; while the use of electric wheelchairs tends to cause sideways overturns. The safety factors affecting the wheelchair should be fully considered when prescribing a wheelchair. For example, the position of the axle, the position and diameter of the casters, the position and height of the sitting position, and the placement position of the load affect the sagittal plane invariance of the wheelchair. When the wheelchair’s axle is moved forward, the invariance of the rear is reduced, and the invariance of the rear is increased when the axle is moved back. It is beneficial to people with big spring and autumn and poor trunk stability. . The position of the caster is closer to the front, the larger the diameter, the lower the seat, the more rearward, and the possibility of forward tipping when the item is placed under the seat or backward position increases. The distance and width between the big wheel and the ground contact point is a factor that affects the side invariance of the wheelchair. When the angle between the plane of the big wheel and the vertical line on the ground is 7°, the side invariance is the best, and there is no need to excessively widen the wheelchair.
Value: Sometimes the advantages of wheelchairs are inconsistent with the value, and the prescription must be discussed with the user. According to specific considerations such as theoretical needs, use address and economic talent, try to choose a wheelchair with affordable value. Others have to consider the cost of converting parts.