What are the advantages of electric wheelchairs compared to manual wheelchairs

Summary:ConvenienceTraditional electric wheelchairs rely on manpower to move forward. If there is no one around, it is difficult to travel alone. Electric whe...
Traditional electric wheelchairs rely on manpower to move forward. If there is no one around, it is difficult to travel alone. Electric wheelchairs are different. Elderly and disabled persons with mobility impairments can drive their own electric wheelchairs to travel, which greatly improves the self-care ability of people with mobility impairments. , Expanding their range of action and social circle is of great benefit to their mental and physical health.
The electric wheelchair has an artificial intelligence control system, which can make the wheelchair complete multiple functions such as forward, backward, and steering through simple operations; a new generation of intelligent wheelchairs is a high-tech product that combines modern machinery, intelligent numerical control technology, engineering mechanics and other fields .

Electric wheelchair control technology is very mature, and the brake equipment on the body can be mass-produced after being tested and qualified by professional equipment many times. Thousands of elderly people are potential consumers of electric wheelchairs. Compared with traditional wheelchairs, the powerful functions of electric wheelchairs are not only suitable for the elderly and infirm, but also suitable for severely disabled injuries. Stable and safe driving, slow and adjustable speed, and intelligent electromagnetic brakes are all advantages of electric wheelchairs. All safety settings and intelligent equipment of electric wheelchairs are specially designed for the elderly and disabled.

Different from traditional electric tricycles, electric vehicles, bicycles and other transportation tools, electric wheelchairs have an intelligent operation control system. The elderly and the disabled with mobility impairments can travel freely as long as they are conscious. In today's aging society, electric wheelchairs have become an indispensable means of transportation for the elderly and the handicapped with limited mobility. It is suitable for a wide range of users, with clear user awareness and normal cognitive abilities. It is a good choice to use electric wheelchairs. Especially in recent years, the rapid development of portable folding lithium battery electric wheelchairs and portable lithium battery scooters has satisfactorily met the dreams of the vast number of elderly friends and disabled friends to travel.