What are the differences in the use characteristics of different types of wheelchairs

Summary:Wheelchair is an important tool for rehabilitation. It not only provides convenience for people with mobility issues, but also helps them exercise. No...
Wheelchair is an important tool for rehabilitation. It not only provides convenience for people with mobility issues, but also helps them exercise. Nowadays, there are all kinds of wheelchairs on the market. It is easy to pick up when buying a wheelchair. Then what are the types of wheelchairs and what should be paid attention to when buying a wheelchair?
Generally speaking, ordinary wheelchairs are composed of four parts: wheelchair frame, wheels, brake device and seat. There are mainly 6 types of fixed wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, sports wheelchairs, push wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs. So, what are their characteristics?
The fixed wheelchair has a simple structure, but it takes up a large space when not in use, and it is inconvenient to carry it on and off the vehicle frequently.
The frame of the foldable wheelchair is foldable and easy to carry and transport. It is currently the most widely used wheelchair at home and abroad, and can be used by adults, teenagers and children.
The backrest of the reclining wheelchair can be tilted back from vertical to horizontal, and the footrest can also be freely changed in angle.
Sports wheelchairs are special wheelchairs designed according to competitions. They are light in weight and run faster when used outdoors.

A push-type wheelchair is a wheelchair pushed by another person.
Electric wheelchairs are divided into two specifications for adults and children. Their weight is about twice that of a standard wheelchair, and there are many ways to operate.
When purchasing a wheelchair, you can refer to the following 3 points:
1. Generally, for those who are only used as a means of transportation, it is best to choose a foldable and portable wheelchair, which can be put into the trunk of the car to facilitate carrying up and downstairs. When not in use, it takes up a small space.
2. For special users, such as those who have only one hand or can only use one hand to drive the wheelchair, choose a wheelchair that can drive two wheels at the same time with one hand.
3. In addition, you should read more and ask more when buying a wheelchair. First, look at whether the material of the wheelchair seat and backrest is strong and durable; second, look at the quality of rims and spokes, and the flexibility of wheel rotation; third, look at the exterior craftsmanship of the wheelchair. The internal quality of the wheelchair with rough exterior craftsmanship will not be too good, and the tires need to be Choose durable and good quality, wheelchairs should have instruction manuals and warranty; four look at the medical device registration certificate, the formal wheelchair should have the medical device registration certificate, and the registration number should be on the nameplate.