What should be paid attention to when using rollator walkers

Summary:Preparation before walking with a walker1. Before each use of the walker, check whether the walker is stable and whether the rubber pads and screws ar...
Preparation before walking with a walker
1. Before each use of the walker, check whether the walker is stable and whether the rubber pads and screws are damaged or loose to ensure the safety of the walker and prevent the walker from falling down due to unstable walking.
2. Keep the ground dry and the walkway unobstructed to prevent slipping or falling.
When using the wheeled walker frame, the road surface should be smooth, and the brakes can be used flexibly to ensure safety when going up and down.
3. You should wear trousers of appropriate length, shoes should be non-slip and fit, generally rubber soles are better, avoid wearing slippers.
4. Please hang down your legs before getting out of bed, sit on the side of the bed for 15-30 minutes (appropriately extend the time according to the situation) before getting out of bed and walking, so as to avoid falling due to sudden standing up and erect hypotension.

Key points when walking with a walker
1. Adjust the height of the walker: stand up naturally, raise your head and chest, and naturally hang your hands on both sides of your body.
Adjust the button on the lower end of the walker to keep the handle height approximately flush with the wrist mark.
At this time, if you put your hand on the handle of the walker, the angle of elbow bending should make your hand feel comfortable, about 150 degrees.
2. Place the walker: keep your body in the frame of the walker when you start or stop.
Keep the heels of your feet and the back legs of the walker in a straight line.
Never put the walker too far forward or too far behind.
Precautions for using walking aids
1. The amount of walking activity should be gradually increased. Walkers are not suitable for use when going up and down stairs.
2. When your hands and feet are weak, uncoordinated, or unable to carry weight through the wrist, it is not suitable to use a walker.
3. If there is any discomfort during walking, please inform the medical staff in time.
4. According to the doctor's advice, whether your affected limb can bear weight to determine the way of walking.
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